andi pants (anairdna) wrote in bad_service,
andi pants

Bad PO service.

Ran to the post office after work today.

I had a card to mail, a letter I offered to mail for a co-worker, and a small package. There's a lnog line I get in. The manager(i think...) comes out and asks if anyone's using a credit/debit card to pay, and she'll take them to use the automated thing. I know from experience those things are fussy, so I explain I need 2 stamps, and a small bit of postage for the tiny padded envelope I have. She says it's fine, so I walk over there. She has me put the package on first. Asks if it's fragile, and then if it's liquid. I say yes, its an oil based cosmetic sample(which i have sent at least a dozen times before, even overseas). She starts SCREAMING at me that I absolutely CAN NOT send it, at all. Then decides to put it through as something else, and then does my letter, and says I'll need to run it as two transactions and buy at least 2 extra stamps that I don't need to run it. So I go back to get in line, a good 10 places back from where I originally was.

Another customer who'd been in line to use the automated thing came in after to tell the other employees how unnecessarily rude to me the woman had been.

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