Midnight Silver (reijigin) wrote in bad_service,
Midnight Silver

Tiffany is getting on my nerves

I was with a friend of mine who was buying a necklace for her mom from Tiffany's yesterday. It's in this really snooty mall where I like going because all the stores have really good service usually. One thing I've noticed about this Tiffany's, however, is that the sales people will not look at you or say a word to you while you're in there if you don't look like you're ready to drop a lot of money. I usually get ignored until someone overhears me mention buying something, which is when they start to pay attention to me.

Lady asks us what we're looking for, my friend describes it, and she gets it out from under the case. She brings out the necklace in a little bag, takes it out, and sets the bag and the necklace down on the counter. She tells us the price as if she's not really sure of it, and my friend said she remembered it being different. The lady says she can check if we want her to, but does it as if she doesn't think we should. I noticed some numbers written on the bag, so I picked it up off the counter and said "I think it's written on here?"

And this is the weird thing. The lady snatched it away from my as fast as she could. Reached out with lightening speed to take this little plastic baggie out of my hands. Then she held it out of my reach and said in this really snappy voice "Well, that's NOT the price." For the rest of the time we were there, she looked really pointedly away from me and at my friend. The hell, woman? It was just a stocking number on a plastic bag, big freaking deal.

I'm really not sure how they train the sales people at this store but I'm really sick of it. It's not like I go in there dressed like a hobo, I'm wearing the same preppy junk as the other girls in there are usually wearing. The only difference is whether or not there's a parental wallet following us. When I was there with my mom, for example, they were all over us because young woman + mom's money = big sale, right?

I like Tiffany jewelery a lot, but I'm very sick of the attitude in there and I'm definitely not going to that one again.
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