Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

and silence fills the land....

Had a weird experience at a restaurant on Tuesday. My boyfriend and I decided to try an Indian restaurant near his job in the hope that he could order from there during his work day. We got into the restaurant and the place was completely empty except for three guys in a corner eating. Apparently, they were the restaurant staff. I felt bad about interrupting their meal, but the restaurant was definitely open.

One guy got up and walked toward us. I said we wanted a table. He pointed at some tables near the front so we sat down near the window. He brought us our menus. I said "thank you" as he handed me the menu and poured me some water. He didn't say a thing. Guy comes back for our order and just looks at us. We both ordered and he walks away. Food comes and he still hasn't said a word. The moment our food was done, he brought the check and put it on the table. We paid and asked for $3 back. He brought the change, put it on the table and walked away. Not one word was said to us the entire time we were in the restaurant.

The food itself was ok but not great. It's the only Indian place that my boyfriend knows of in the neighborhood though. If the service had been a little less cold, he would have ordered from there when at work. Now he's decided he won't be ordering from there ever.
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