Miss Jecka (missjecka) wrote in bad_service,
Miss Jecka

Bagging items.

At the market across the street from my apartment, I swear they have no idea how to bag items.

I feel like all they want to do is cram as much in a bag as possible, and always double bagging it anyway. For instance, I bought supplies for making chili cheese dogs last night: 1 pack of hot dog buns, 1 pack of hot dogs, 2 cans of chili, and 2 small bottles (20 oz.) of soda, and a bag of shredded monterrey jack cheese. Anyone with half a brain cell should know to put the hard stuff on the bottom (soda, chili, hot dogs) and the squishable stuff at the top (buns, cheese). She didn't even look at what she was grabbing before putting them in the bag, it was stuffed barely to capacity but she double-bagged it anyway. (Why not separate it into two bags if you're going to use two bags anyway and it's not even that heavy!)

All she was doing was yaking her head off to her friends while she was squishing my hot dog buns. The manager was even standing right there at the end of the counter, not giving a damn.

This is one of many, many times this has happened. I swear... ugh... it's not rocket science, is it?
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