Nomad Zutroy (nomadzutroy) wrote in bad_service,
Nomad Zutroy

Last Tuesday

Okay, I've been pretty upset about this for quite some time. I wanted to try to leave it alone, but I think it was pretty rude.

Okay last Tuesday was the day after my friend's birthday and the day before my Fiance's. A group of friends and I went out for supper that night to a fairly popular restaurant on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. I know that there were 8 of us and that is considered a group. When we sat down, we asked the waitress if she could split the bill (we knew that there was a 15% automatic tip added to all groups of 8 or more, and were more then willing to tip that or more as we always tip very well). Anyway she flat out refuses. We finish our meal and out comes the $200 dollar bill. As I expected. Now some people in the group are paying cash, others are paying with a credit card while still others are paying with their debit cards (bank cards for you Americans :o)). So we go up to the front. Now noone knew what they owed so they were paying what they thought was their bill. The last 2 people to pay (my friend Andrew and myself) Ended up splitting $83 dollars between us (I was paying for my fiance and myself but still)...Now I expected mine to be about $50 bucks (Drinks, Appy, Meals and tip)...But there was no way Andrew's should have been more then $20 dollars. At this point tho we're too pissed off to argue about it (we were in line for 20 minutes to pay 'cause they had to run debit and credit cards individually and that allllllllways takes forever). So we paid and left.

I guess my question is, is it really that difficult to add the bills together seperately? I mean does it actually take the server 20+ minutes to enter the bills as more then one? I found that a little ridiculous...The server not seperating the bills when we asked her once we sat down and she hadn't put anything through. In fact telling us it was too much work to make seperate bills, yet waiting while 8 people broke down the bill and paid it seperately anyways? I really don't see how it saves time, energy nor customers.
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