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Bad Walmart Photocenter Service..

My mother and I went to Wal-mart to use the Kodak instant picture kiosk. We each had our own SD cards from our digital cameras, and wanted several pictures from each.

When we first walked up, there were two young ladies behind the counter. We picked 53 pictures from my mom's card, and just as they were getting ready to print, the machine froze.

Okay, no big deal. The girl came around the counter, re-started the machine, commented that it had been acting up lately, and told us it'd continue printing when it came back up. Meanwhile, she asked how many pics there were so she could print a UPC sticker for us. When my mom asked her for two envelopes (she wanted to seperate the pictures for herself and for extended family), the girl had no problem complying.

She gave us the UPC sticker for the 53 pictures, and informed us that since she and the other girl were leaving, that we'd have to ask someone in electronics to make us the rest of the stickers.

We thought that was strange, since if we were dishonest people, we could have easily just walked away with the pictures since nobody was around to watch us. But we said "okay" and continued picking pictures as the 53 began to print.

After about 10 minutes, a middle-aged woman came behind the counter, apparently relieving the two girls. The machine had since printed out the 53-picture order, a 72-picture order, and was about to start a 7-picture order. Suddenly, after two pics, it stops printing again.

So I called the lady over, and as she came over, the following ensued:

(Mom) Can I please have another envelope? *wants to put pics for me in another envelope* Oh, and our 72 picture order finished, so we need a sticker for that, please.
(Mom) o_o; from the other girl...
(Mom) um...the other girl...?
(Does she think we jumped behind the counter and made the UPC sticker ourselves?)
(Lady) Well, I'll add it all together in the end and make you ONE sticker. You don't need more than one.
(Mom) uh..okay.
(Me) *gestures* the machine isn't printing. It says it's out of paper.
(Lady) No, it ALWAYS says that.
(Me) ..all righty then.
(Lady) *presses buttons, obviously has no clue how to work the damn thing*
About 10 more minutes goes by before the woman actually thinks to open the machine and CHECK the paper.
(Lady) *Opens*...oh, it's out of paper.
(Me) -_-;
(Lady) *Walks away wordlessly and comes back with a box of paper and ribbon*

On the screen, it prompts her to press "next" to read the 13-step instructions on how to install the paper and ribbon. As she presses next, she turns to us.
(Lady) are you reading this? Are you getting all this?
(Me) *thinks she's joking* haha.
(Lady) *finishes pressing next, then stares at us* .....well, do you remember what it told me to do?
(Me) o.O No.
(Lady) *SIGH* *throws paper and ribbon in*...is this what it said to do?
(Me) Ma'am, I have no idea.
(WTF since when is it my job to take care of your Kodak machines?!)
(Lady) *Heaves another sigh* I think this is it. *closes machine, restarts*
(Note: By now it's almost been an hour, as every freaking restart takes about 10-15 minutes)

(Me) ....Ma'am? The machine's restarted, but nothing's printing. It's saying the ribbon is in wrong.
(Lady) NO. I put it in right!
(Me)...Okay, I'm just telling you what it says.
*Suddenly, blank, white pictures start shooting out...meaning that yes, the ribbon IS in fact, not installed correctly*
(Lady) *still refuses to believe it* I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT. *Keeps opening and shutting the cover*
(Me) ..Look, can I just cancel it? There are only 5 pictures left and it's not a big-
(Lady) No. I can get it to work!
(Mom) *look of disbelief*
(Lady) *runs some sort of diagnostic* wait for that to finish. *runs to take care of other people*
(Me) *waits*...Ma'am, it's finished, and it's showing instructions on how to fix the ribbon.
(Me) O_O;
(Lady) Press Next, and see how to fix it!
(Me).... Are you freaking kidding me? You want me to fix the ribbon? ...*cancels order, walks to counter* Ma'am, I cancelled my order. We'll just take the pictures here.

So she grabs the pictures, and after I CLEARLY tell her how many there are (plus, showing her the white printout that STATES how many there are), she screws up the amount and has to do it over.

After over an hour of standing at the damn kiosk, we were finally able to leave.

This is not the first time Wal-mart has stuck someone in the photo dept. that has ABSOLUTELY no idea wtf they're doing.

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