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Dairy Queen weirdness

For several months now, the service I've received through the drive-thru at our local DQ has been nothing short of bizarre.

I've always been annoyed with people who hum and hah while at the ordering station, so I make a point of having the order sorted out before I get to the speaker.

However, for some reason, every time I've gone there over the last few months (about once a week; a friend and I have a tradition of eating a Blizzard and watching anime) my order is always, always, ALWAYS screwed up. Here's an example.

Me: Hi, could I please have a small mint Oreo Blizzard with extra Oreo and a medium root beer shake.
Cashier: What size Blizzard?
Me: A small, please.
Cashier: And what flavour? Oreo with extra Oreo.
Cashier: Alright, please pull ahead to the window.

Rarely do they tell me the total at the speaker, and when I drive up, I'm asked to pay about three and a half dollars, to which I say:

Me: Did you get the medium root beer shake as well?
Cashier: didn't order one.
Me: Yes I did.
Cashier: Oh.. well that will cost more.
Me: I would imagine so.

When I actually receive my Blizzard, half the time they've charged me for Xtra stuff but haven't added it in. I've had Blizzards with or without the extra so I know the difference.

This happens far too frequently to be the result of a trainee screwing up. I also want to point out that we never go to DQ during peak times. Usually it's around 8:30/9:00 at night and we're the only ones at the drive-thru, plus there doesn't appear to be anyone ordering inside.

No matter what the order and no matter how clearly and slowly I state it, something is always screwed up, or they miss something. Once or twice I could understand, but this happens every single time I go there.

I've never worked in the drive-thru, so can someone tell me if I'm being confusing somehow? I'm tempted to complain to DQ HQ or something to make sure their employees are getting adequate training if that's the problem.
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