¿Cachai? (tessibean) wrote in bad_service,


A letter I sent to the manager of a campus food store.


Hello.  I realize that it's almost the end of the semester, and sometimes things get a bit lack.  However, I purchased a sandwich today from 23rd street market which had lettuce that was literally rotten.  The bread was stale as well, but that could have been from the refrigeration.  I had to throw out the sandwich after one bite.

I've worked in food service, so I know that sometimes things can get hectic and some things can go a miss.  However, especially as the sandwich did not have a date on it, I have no idea how long it had been there.  I just thought I would give you a heads up that those might need to be checked.  I would hate for someone to get sick from improperly stored food, especially at the end of the semester.


This are supposedly "fresh made" daily... yeah no. And now I have no dinner :(
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