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Joann.com's Bad Service

On the 25th of April I went online to purchase the two colors of fabric I needed for a cosplay costume I wanted to have finished before mid-May. I went to syfabrics.com, which I had had a lovely success with in the past and would recommend their service to anyone. I paid about $20 for the 6 yards of Orange Fabric and $9 for shipping. I was sad because they did not have the material in black, nor could I find anything similar, so I went elsewhere.

Since I love their physically-based stores, from Joann.com I purchased the Black Fabric. Just an normal black polyster fabric to match the orange. Five yards of it for about $15 with $7 in shipping fee. It said this would have a 5-10 day shipping for the price I chose.

I waited only about 3 days, and the Orange Fabric came! I was, as I've always been, pleased with syfabric.com's quick work. I was excited to work on my costume, and waited for the black fabric to come.

5 days go by... nothing. Nothing to worry about though! It did say 5-10 days. Then... a week goes by. A bit of worry, but still three more days....

Then 10 days goes back. I... wonder where my package is. Concerned, today at work, I was going to email them on my lunch break and ask what was going on. (Today is day 11.)

I go into my email account and find... an email from them! It reads as follows:

Dear Guest,

Order #************. Item: CIH104 821389 (sku13203) Posh Polyester Lining Black. You ordered 5 yards of this fabric. Unfortunately all we currently have available is 4 7/8yds. We are unable to make substitutions for a different color or different item. Please contact us and let us know if you would like us to ship what we have available or if you would like to cancel your order. We will hold the order until Friday, May 9 2008, 3:00 PM Eastern Time. If we do not hear back from you before this, we will cancel your order. Please respond to this email at your earliest convenience.

Thank You,
Guest Services

....Meaning that it took them until DAY 11 to even -email me- about the fact that not only have they not shipped my fabric, but they don't even have enough of it!

My Response:

Dear April,

I am displeased it took until a day after the shipping time is up to even tell me that not only has my fabric not been shipped, but there is not enough of it to fill the order. If the fabric can be shipped quickly, I will take the 4 and 7/8 yards. I wish you (Joann.com's, not yourself) had emailed me much earlier in advance then this, as I will not be getting the fabric I need in enough time to finish my project.


I think I will refrain from using their service in the future. I still cannot believe they hadn't emailed me until NOW, already after the fact I was supposed to have received it.
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