robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

0% on Balance Transfers

Here's a quick one from years ago (afraid I can't even remember who issued the card 'though it was a MasterCard).

I had about a $2000 balance on my current CC when I received an offer to sign up for a new card. No annual fees and 0% interest for one year on all balance transfers. Sweet.

I got the card and transferred the whole two grand over. About six months go by and I am steadily paying the balance down making AT LEAST two payments a month (the regular monthly statement plus a "bonus" payment I am sending in midway between monthly statements).

About six months into it I get a statement where I am charged interest so I call the 1-800 number to straighten it out. When I explain my problem to the CSR she tells me to hold while she looks up my account...

CSR: Oh...that's odd.
ME: You figured I must have missed a payment or gone over my limit?
CSR: That's usually why the interest gets charged and the rate goes up.
ME: But your records show that I've been making at least two payments a month like clockwork and have never used the card other than the balance transfer?
CSR: Yes. This is some sort of mistake...I'll remove the interest charge and fix it.

Well, she did remove the interest charge but apparently she did not, and no one else could, fix the basic problem. For the next four months (until I got it paid off and canceled the damn card) I had to call each month to have the interest that had been added to my 0% interest balance transfer taken off. Each rep said they would take off the interest and fix the problem. Each month I would recieve a new statement with the last months interest removed but interest added for the current month.
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