A photographic memory but with a stuck lens cover (kellirose1313) wrote in bad_service,
A photographic memory but with a stuck lens cover

What not to do while on the clock

Normally, having worked in retail before, very little phases me. I went to Macy's yesterday to make a return and get something new. (my mom got me a birthday present of a pretty purse but couldn't use it cause of the type of handles). So I go during my lunch hour, find a new purse am nice to the cashier lady making small talk and all. They were super busy, turns out it was the last day of the "friends and family" day. The lady gives me a card for that so I end up with a good half of my original gift card still left so figure I'll come back after work (my lunch hour was up).
When I went back after work it was a whole new world. It was still incredibly busy so I had to hunt down an employee to find the price on a untagged shirt I found who t hen jsut found a shirt by the same company and said this price will do. I ended up finding a shirt also by the same company but $40 less and I double checked she said that would be fine too. Apparantly it was pick your own price day.
Anyway most of this is brush-offable, the final straw was when I went to check out. The nice lady wasn't gone for the day so went to another cashier who was helping this cranky couple first, after they left I said something about it being crazy in there and she smiled and rang me out, but half way through the transaction she answered her cellphone and started talking to soemone about seeing a movie after work. Not only did this slow her down considerably (and I only had 5 items total to begin with) but she didn't even say another word to me except the total and then jsut handed me a reciept and turned around to continue her call.
At that point I was done so I left but seriously, I can forgive any number of things, especially on a busy as hell sales day but to answer a personal cell call while helping a customer? I'd get reprimanded at work for even having it out and I'm in a call center.
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