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Mandalay Bay

About a week and a half ago, my fiance and I stayed at Mandalay Bay.

A week and a half ago, I stayed at Mandalay Bay. We were switching hotels from the Mirage so we were there early, and I didn't expect to get checked in early, but figured we'd give it a shot anyhow. (I'm not sure if it pertains to the story, but we got a Vista Suite and paid a pretty penny for it. $400/night)

The lady at the front desk was very nice and did a pre check-in for us at 2:30pm. They took my cell phone number and told me they would call me when the room was ready, and that it shouldn't be too long. I was like "Great, we'll go to the shark reef and it should be ready by the time we get back." (The shark reef is in another part of Mandalay Bay, but quite a walk. It's a very large casino.) Well, we got through with the shark reef and still no call. We didn't want to stray too far from the hotel because we wanted to use the pool (The whole reason I decided to stay there, and we were only there for one night). So we ate a mediocre dinner atExcalibur and came back. It was 5:15 by then and still no call. I went back to the front desk and they said "Oh..well, here's a different room." Fine, okay.

We go up to our room and wait 10 minutes for the elevator because there was a huge line. We get up to the room and our luggage is delivered at about 5:30. The bellhop said the pool closed at 6 so we rushed down there only to find out that it had closed at 5 for a special event. Bummer. They couldn't have helped that, but if we had been checked in earlier, we would have gotten to go down there for a bit. The South Lagoon pool was open until 6, so we went there, but it was kind of a joke. The pool was only 4 feet deep and there was so much chlorine that my skin felt like it was burning.

So we went upstairs so I could wash the chlorine off and fill up the jacuzzi tub, only to find out that the jets are broken in it. At this point it's getting late and we had tickets for Penn and Teller so we had to hurry and leave.

We got the car from valet without incident. Got back to the hotel at about 12:30 or 1 and the front valet was closed. The West Valet was open but I didn't see the point in parking it there if I could park the car in the same place myself. (The reason I wanted to valet the car was because it was such a long walk and thought bringing the bags down the next day would be a pain. And it was!)

When we got back to the room, we found the TV in the bedroom was all static and pretty worthless to watch. It was late so we just went to bed.

In the morning we ran down to the pool and got about 30 minutes in before we had to get ready to check out. I went to do video check-out and three out of the four TVs had errors of some sort of another (All different errors) and was finally able to check out on one of the tvs.

Anyhow, I'm just so unsatisfied with my experience there. We didn't have much time to complain at the time, unfortunately. I'd like to write a letter but I'm not sure who to write to. Do I write to somebody at Mandalay Bay or do I write to MGM/Mirage (The company that owns it)? Also, where can I find the address to send the letter to? I've searched but haven't come up with much.
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