mizbhaven13 (mizbhaven13) wrote in bad_service,

On April 21st, I placed an order with cafepress.com for the Charmed Book of Shadows replica. My daughter loves the show and has always wanted the book, but I’ve never found it anywhere for less than $100, which just isn’t in my budget. However, CafePress had it for $19.99 so I ordered it for my daughter’s birthday (which was yesterday, btw). I also paid extra for expedited shipping, just to make sure it was here by the 4th. I also ordered a couple of buttons and a bumper sticker.

On the 23rd, I received an email from them stating that the order had been shipped. It said that the package contained the book, 2 buttons and 1 bumper sticker. A UPS tracking number was given for the package. I immediately checked the tracking number, but got a message that there was no information available on that shipment. No big deal, as I’ve had this happen in the past with UPS. Sometimes it takes a while for the system to update itself.

When the package had not arrived by the 28th, I emailed CafePress. I never received a reply. I called on the 30th and was assured that the packages – yes, plural – had been shipped and I should receive them in the next day or two.

Saturday, I received in the mail an envelope with the buttons and bumper sticker. No book. I again emailed customer service and still got no reply.

I just called their customer service number and was told that they didn’t know why I received an email stating that the complete order was shipped because it takes them 14-16 days to print the book. I told the service rep that I was not aware the book had to be printed, as the website stated it was in stock, and she said that just meant they had the pages to copy it in stock and it would be sent after it was printed. I asked about the UPS tracking number, which is apparently bogus, and she said that she didn’t know why I got that either, as they used the US mail as their preferred shipping method.

She then stated that I should receive the book by the 15th of this month. When I asked what I should do if it not arrive by then, I was told to call back and she would “see what they could do about it.” I also asked to have the charge for expedited shipping credited back since I did not receive that and she told me that she would have to check with a supervisor and “get back to me” on whether or not that could be done.

I have never ordered from CafePress before, although I know several people who have and were very satisfied with their purchases. I don’t think I’ll be buying anything from them again.
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