HaYwiRe (psychomatt) wrote in bad_service,

One my wife told me about

This is from before we met. She had taken her car in for an oil changes ome routine maintenance, including a tire rotation. After a long wait, they told her they were done & settled the bill. She looked at her car, then asked about the tire rotation. They told her they had, indeed, rotated the tires. She asked, "Then why are the Pirellis still on the front & the Firestones still on the rear?" Yes, she had different brands on the front & rear, from having had to replace 2, and they still tried to BS her.

Yes, they then performed the service (making her wait even longer.)

EDIT The rears were Eagles, not Firestones. And this happened at a Firestone service center. Another Firestone service center broke something on a vehicle Dad used to have, then denied it. The real irony is that we love the service at Tires Plus, which is owned by Firestone.
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