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bubba the shitty repairman

My landlord is a cheap bastard.

So the apt I'm sub-leasing has absent landlord syndrome - he hasn't set foot on the property in 7-8 years. However, this means that he also hasn't raised the rent in as much time, so I'm 1/3 of a 3-bedroom apt that's rented for $900/month. It's shabby, but it suits the bank account.

Here's where it sucks though: He hires idiots.

The last guys he had in the house had to access the shower piping through my closet and did not replace the board which covered it. This resulted in a giant fucking house centipede hiding in my shirts. This should have been a hint, but I figured it was a minor relapse in attention on the part of two busy guys.

This time, though? Oh, this time.

My room had two large cracks in the ceiling (one of which had become a bit of a hole) and I was told at a tenant's rights Q&A that (in Ohio) I had 30 days to notify my LL of the problem or lose my legal ground - particularly since it seemed to be a structural problem. (I don't notify him, someone falls through, it's my fault.) So with the second rent check I also sent in a request to get it fixed. This was Thursday - my LL sent in a guy (whom I've nicknamed "Bubba") to fix it this weekend. Today, he started work.

What Bubba did wrong:
  1. He didn't move anything out of the room

  2. He didn't cover anything worth a damn - thank you, roommate, for at least covering my desk and bed
    (TV cart with Wii, TV, etc. completely covered with dust now, as is the power strip it's plugged into, my bookshelves, my camera and laptop cases, my books, my clothes in the closet and drawers, my bathrobes, my wall decorations, etc.)

  3. He didn't put a tarp on the unfinished hardwood floor - yay dust in the cracks!

  4. He didn't do anything protect the walls
    (they're painted in stripes - we'll have to redo them now as they're daubed over and smudged with dirt)

  5. He had to ask my roommate for a fan

  6. He didn't seal the door
    (there is now dust in every corner of the very large apt, even the neighboring rooms)

  7. He brought the wrong thickness of drywall and USED it, so the ceiling is now uneven

  8. He didn't investigate nor fix the source of the problem, so I expect the cracks will come back

  9. He didn't even bring a dust mask for himself, so strong is his idiocy

  10. He didn't finish the job or clean up after himself (and he says I can sleep there tonight, too!)
    He'll be back tomorrow to "smooth out the ceiling" and "clean" my room. Bah humbug.

  11. He got daub/paint on the ceiling lamp

To top off all the fun:
- I got 2 hours of sleep last night and was hoping to come home and nap
- I'm allergic to dust. I now feel like shit
- I have a midterm tomorrow
- I now have to sleep upstairs in the loft
- We have to clean the entire house
- We have to repaint the ceiling and a corner of the room (stripes, remember!) because we're sure as hell not letting him ruin anything else

We're probably going to hire a cleaning maid and just bill either Bubba or the LL. I've taken pictures of all the stupidity and damage (particularly the potentially ruined tech) with my camera phone, and I'm thinking of typing up a notice for him to sign that I was not satisfied with his work. (Can I do that?) Also will be asking him for his credentials (which I doubt he has) so I can photocopy them. These last two things are CYA precautions in case the cracks return (or someone DOES fall through the ceiling) and this ends up going to court.

This is also probably going to cost the LL my name on the least come September.

I'm furious, can you tell?
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