sassy_pumpkin (sassy_pumpkin) wrote in bad_service,

Apex Realty

My apartment has radiator heat that gets unbearably hot, even in Winnipeg winters.  So I was pretty surprised to come home to my house absolutely freezing! Apparently it was supposed to be 18C all weekend, so they turned off the boilers for the summer.  Well, I checked the weather on monday, and it did indeed say it would be fairly nice on the weekend.  I checked on Friday though, and the forecast had changed to around 4. With snow. Did they turn the boilers back on? Of course not.  My brother called our caretaker and his wife just said they couldn't do anything about it, no explanation.  So I called her back a minute later and after a minute of me getting very upset at waking up with frostbitten toes, she tells me that they can't do anything about it and gave me a number to call.  I call, eventually get someone on the line who just tells me that the boiler people were called, she doesn't know how long it will be.  I expressed my unhappiness (bad week, so I was a bit more frustrated than usual, but nothing out of line, just a shaky voice on my part) and she replied snottily with "Well it was supposed to be 18 this weekend, you know. That's why we turned it off."  I was too frustrated so I just hung up on her.  Maybe if they had checked the weather every few days rather than once a week, Apex wouldn't have freezing tenants.  I'm going to file a formal complaint tomorrow once the offices are open.

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