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Costco Tires

So, I'm finally a growed-up.  I now own a set of winter tires AND a set of summer tires, rather than one set of all-seasons.   But like any other life experience, this didn't come without a certain amount of pain and annoyance.

I went on vacation in October last year, and my Dad stayed at my house and watched my animals.  He was driving my car, and noticed I needed new tires, so he went to a local tire place and got a nice set of snow tires for me.  (More on this to come later)

Now the weather's getting warmer and I need summer tires for my car.  I got my tax return, so it was the perfect time to make a big purchase.  I went up to my parents' house last weekend (they live about 3 hours away) and Dad & I went to the Costco near their house because Dad really likes the guy who manages the automotive department there.
So we went in first thing last Saturday, and I picked out the tires I wanted, after comparing them to the numbers on my current tires.  My Dad's buddy (the Auto Parts manager, Rick) ran my order through the system and said "No, that's not the right size.  Those are too narrow for your car, what you REALLY need is _____.  We don't have them in stock, but I'll order them in for you."  So it turns out the guy my Dad got tires from in October sold him the wrong size because the RIGHT size isn't usually in stock in most stores- it's an odd size or something.  But Rick tells us that on winter tires, it's not as bad, because you don't go as fast- but at higher speeds, the narrower tires would cause me to lose handling ability.

We asked to have them sent to the store closer to my house (still a half hour drive), and double checked that I'd be able to use my Dad's Costco card without him there.  They got my contact info, told me someone would call me Thursday, and we left, thinking it would be easy from there.

But on Friday, i still hadn't heard from Costco, and I needed to know if the tires were in so I could go first thing Saturday and have them put on.  So I looked up the number and called them.  The guy who answered the phone was rude and condescending, and refused to look my order up without a part number (even though when I was in yesterday, he just checked the computer by using my last name & Dad's account number), and called me "dear" as I was hanging up.  So I called Rick  and got the info from him, and called Jerkface back, who in turn tells me yeah, they're in .  Come in tomorrow morning (Saturday) and they'll put them on for me.

So that how I end up in the crowd outside the doors at 9 AM yesterday, half an hour before the place opens.  And when it does, these old men (who got there AFTER my son & I) literally rushed past me, pushing and speed walking to get to the auto counter first.  They proceeded to NOT line up, up instead all stand at the counter, then get pissy when the guy at the counter is unsure as to who goes next.  After half an hour, it's my turn.  The guy in front of me had custom ordered tires as well, but the guys working there couldn't find them.  This made me nervous.

So they get my tires and haul them out, then the guys says "Oh, wait, this isnt' the same number!  We got the wrong ones in.  We'll have to oder another set, can you come back next week?" (This is the same guy I talked to on the phone, who supposedly checked them the day before)  So I make arrangements and leave.  In the parking lot, my car is parked right next to a truck that is bring brought into one of the bays to have work done.  The jerk sees me walking to my car and decided to check the tires himself, and then says "Oh, we DO have the right ones, the number must be wrong on the computer. Well, since you left (5 minutes ago!) we put other people in ahead of you, so if you can come back at noon (that was 2 hours away), we'll do it then"  He's STILL treating me like an idiotic girl, very condescending and over simplifying things, like I'm too dumb to understand.

So I drove home, had lunch and came back at 12.  They guy was waiting for me, and I was happily surprised when he told me I could come back & pick the car up in an hour.  My son & I wandered around for a while, then went back to get my car.  Everything up to this point could be honest ignorance or mistakes, but what happened next really chapped my hide.

So, I get the keys, and then ask the guy (a different one than I saw before who took my forms at intake) if they had loaded my old tires in the trunk (remember, they're nearly brand new snow tires- and not cheap ones, either). And he seems surprised.  "No, actually, I was going to ask you about that" he said, "the box was checked off on the intake form that you didn't want your old tires back, but they're, like, new, so I kind of wondered..."

(Never mind that he was all ready for me to leave, had even said "bye! have a nice day!" before I asked)

I told him no, I WANTED those tires, obviously I would, and had them loaded in my trunk. 
So, let's recap this comedy of errors:
1. Local tire place sells my Dad the wrong size tires to make a quick sale.
2. When buying my new tires, find out they're not in stock and have to order new ones in.
3. Despite being told I'd be contacted, I have to call myself to find out if they're in, and am spoken down to in the process
4. Told wrong tires were ordered, and to come back next week. (And there's evidence of other stupid mistakes being made with regards to other customers in the meantime)
5. Have to wait to be served, even though I was there before most everyone else (this one I sort of understand, but taken with everything else, it made me mad)
6. They try to steal the other tires they're taking off my car, despite it being very obvious they're new and still useful.

I called Dad, he's going in to talk to Rick and we're never going anywhere but his local Costco for tires again.

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