Yessir (vonlisbon) wrote in bad_service,

Ugh I have yet to find an auto place that doesn't treat me like I'm an idiot. Now, I'm far from being a mechanic myself, but I know how to check my oil, change my tires, and tell when something's generally amiss.
There's one just down the street I went to a little while ago and I asked for their General Tune-Up Package Deal 2AXQ thing. Oil change, tire rotation, fluids and break check. I went to pick up my car and my tires had not been rotated (indetifying scuffs/marks). So I asked them why not, as my receipt clearly showed that service listed. He just staaaaared for a minute before going,

Him: Oh. Ummmmmmm. I mean. You didn't specifically.......... ask for it so. I mean. Do you want us to?
Me: You charged me for it on my receipt. It's part of the 2AXQ package I requested.
Him: Yeah. I mean. It's just the uh, the 2AXQ thing like.. those are the services we sometimes. I mean, we can do them. Do you want us to?
Me: I want you to perform the services you are charging me for.
Him: *gives a look of DURRRRRRR* I'm sorry um we'll. Yeah okay we can do that. No problem.
Me: (reading off the receipt) Did you change the oil, check the breaks, check the whatever, whatever, whatever fluids, either?"
Him: *Stares* Oh, yes. We did all that. We always do.
Me: *Stare*
Him: *Stare*
Me: If there's some reason y'all are unable or unwilling to perform these really routine services on my car, could you let me know now before I hand over the keys again? I mean, there's no really polite way to say that but if y'all just do not want to work on my car, I can just leave right now and it'd be better for the both of us.
Him: No, no problem. I'm sorry for the problem. No, it's fine.

"You didn't specifically ask for it?" So if I go to Burger King and order a Combo #3, I have to specifically and separately ask for the drink and fries or elseI still pay full price but don't get anything but a sammich? And if I was supposed to specifically ask for it to have it done, why would it be on my receipt? Okay I'm sorry but if you can't be bothered to rotate my tires, how can I trust that you bothered to do any of the other services you're charging me for? And it's not like they were rushed, either. I dropped my car off and told them to just call me whenever they're finished because I had another car I could use freely in the meantime.

So I handed over my keys and they called me back about two hours later. They comped me about 3/4 of the price "for my troubles". That's nice and all but I'd really prefer you just do your job to begin with and pay full price :/ I obviously wasn't happy but I wasn't screaming or pitching a huge fit and there was nobody else there, so I find it hard to believe that they'd comp me 3/4 of the price if they had performed all the other original services the first time and just forgot the tires in earnest. But that's just speculation.
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