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Bad Service Story & Questions

My boyfriend (G) has a Sprint cell phone. Yes, I know all about Sprint but since all of his close family members have Sprint, he doesn't want to change. Anyway, he recently moved from Maryland to Pittsburgh (where I currently live for school) and has had limited funds for the past couple of months.

To make a long story short, Sprint shut his phone off for nonpayment on Thursday. This is not the problem, he forgot and it's totally his fault. About an hour after he realized it was off (around 6 pm), he paid enough to get his phone turned back on and went about his day. Around noon the next day, Friday, he realized his phone still wasn't on so he called Sprint customer service. Long story short, they told him he needed to pay more to have his phone turned back on. He's a little annoyed because usually if you pay enough to put you back under your spending limit they turn your phone back on, but he accepts it. At this point, he knows he won't have enough money to pay for this so he asks to borrow some money from me. I say sure, because a family member of mine was returning some money that they'd borrowed, but it'd have to be tomorrow because that's when I'd ge the money. He asks the customer service rep if he can pay the next day and she says that's fine.

That brings us to today. We're having Mexican night tonight (yay!) so a couple of us go to the supermarket to get some stuff for tacos. The whole time we were out, I'd check my account at some ATMs to see if my money has been deposited yet. Around 3:30 pm, G gets an automated call from Sprint saying that he has to pay the whole amount left on his bill of they'll cancel his service and send his account to collections. What? We're obviously both baffled because the CS rep said that it'd be ok to pay today. So I check my account and find that the money is finally deposited and tell him to call CS so he can pay. He calls from about 4 pm to 10 pm and gets varying messages about not being able to connect, the network being down, etc. He finally gets through around 10:30 and the system tells him his account/phone number doesn't exist. He freaks out for a while thinking they've cancelled his service before calming down and calling again. This time the system acknowledges his phone number and all is fine.

Right now I really don't trust Sprint and I really don't want to give them any money, but I don't want to make the situation any worse. We agree that we'll pay the whole amount but he'll send an e-mail to Sprint about the whole thing and make sure his service hasn't been cancelled.

So, my questions are: Has anyone heard of Sprint threating to cancel service over this? I know about the whole calling customer service too many times thing, but this is new. Also, do you think the cancellation fee would be waived if they did cancel it? I'm pretty sure it would be since they're the ones who decided to terminate it, but G is still kinda skeptical.
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