Miranda Laine (sugarblue_sunny) wrote in bad_service,
Miranda Laine

Mostly reposted from my personal journal, having just discovered this group [yay! well, not yay, because unfortunately this crap happens to me a lot]. Edit: Was cut, but now isn't.

So Monday I went in to Lenscrafters for an eye exam. While I was getting my exam [they had to do that nasty puff thing like three times because the technician lady kept screwing it up, I guess. Plus I had to do lots of weird and painful tests I'd never even heard of before, but then again it has been like two or three years since my last exam and my glasses are literally falling apart at this point. That's not my complaint though, I can deal with that.] I found out I had an astigmatism.

So they had to dilate my eyes and do that shiny light thing. The doctor was so, so rude to me. She was yelling at me and reprimanding me about not being able to hold my eye open with the bright light shown in it after my eyes were dilated. She kept saying it was not bad at all because it was on the lowest setting and something along the lines of there being "no reason to be so dramatic", and kept yelling to keep my eyes open - to which, in shock, I could only respond by mumbling something about it just being a reflex, to which in turn she responded, with extremely thick sarcasm, that no, in fact, it was just "mind over matter", and she kept repeated that with increasingly indignant tones. After a few long minutes of this I finally asked if I could hold my eye open myself, not knowing whether this would interfere with her test or not, to which she replied, again in a very rude and loud tone "well you better do something!!!" and so on, because apparently my behavior at having a bright light shown in my eyes after having my pupils fully dialated for the first time ever was just absolutely ridiculous. It certainly doesn't help that my worst phobia is having people touch my eye, which is why it had been so long since my last eye exam.

Also, she got my prescription wrong with her exam, during which I kept telling her that the final lens she showed me [when they do that little "is 2 better than 1? okay is 3 better than 2?" thing] was still extremely blurry and that I would like to continue increasing the strength. She seemed satisfied that I merely could make out a certain line [even though it was always extremely obvious that I was struggling to make out the letters] rather than the fact that I could or could not read them clearly. So she gets me the wrong prescription lenses and after ten minutes of hoping for my eyes to magically adjust to them she gives up and redoes the test with the contacts in. She doesn't have that strength in stock so right now my vision with these little trial guys is at 20/30 and making working at a computer for 10 hours a day extremely difficult.

Yeah after the follow-up appointment I am not ever going back to Lenscrafters, ever.  They make you sign some stupid contract-type forms so it would be a stupid waste of money not to get my contacts at LC once they come in next week [supposedly, their stuff never arrives when they say it will], but I am definitely getting my glasses somewhere else.

So right now my eyes are irritated, my vision is extremely blurry, I have a massive headache and am really dizzy. Blech.

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