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USPS woes and advice needed

I haven't received any mail in almost 3 months. Well, I take that back, I have received some junk mail and a few odd bank statements, but nothing else. Since early February, I have been waiting on my tax return check, a new state ID card, the results of a pelvic exam, and medical coupons and here it is May with still no sign of them.

I have called all of these places to figure out what the issue was and it turns out, my mail has been getting sent back to where it came from marked as "Not at this address" by the post office (my ID has been returned three times now and the medical coupons twice). I have been into my local P.O. three times; each time I was told that the mail carrier thought I no longer lived at my house and that it would be corrected and I should receive mail again starting the next day. I just found out today that yet another piece of important mail was returned (this time from a family member) for no reason whatsoever. I have lived at my current address for over 2 years and my name is on the mailbox and there is no reason for them to think I have moved, so I really don't see what the issue is.

At this point I am furious. I had my hours cut at work so I really needed to get my tax return check on time, I've been walking around with a paper temporary ID for several months now, and I can only hope everything looked okay on my pelvic exam since I haven't received the results (they won't give them over the phone and I have to wait awhile to get another appointment). Even putting in a change of address saying I do live at my house hasn't fixed the problem, so what now? Is there some way to lodge a complaint with the USPS (all the websites I've found are for complaints about mail fraud, which I'm not sure applies to my situation)? Am I going to have to stay home from work to talk to my mail carrier in person to confirm with him that I do want my mail delivered? Right now I am trying to have things sent to my boyfriends house and considering paying for a P.O. box, but I don't feel like I should have to do that in order to receive my mail.
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