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More from Madison Property Management.

This is another story from the maintenance crew that has a tendency to just mess things up. This time, it wasn't bats.

On April 28th, we got a notice stating that we'd be having an electrician come in to take a look at our fuse box between the hours of 12-2 PM. It was mildly confusing, since we've never had any issues with our electricity, but figured they were just checking up on it. Fine.

Points of annoyance:

* I was home the entire time, since I didn't work. Literally every fifteen minutes, the electrician knocked on our back door, to inform us that he was still busy with the downstairs neighbors. Literally seven or eight times during the span of two hours. We're on the third and uppermost level, so he did this when he was busy with the second and first floors. It was irritating because after the first time, I told him I understood that this takes a long time, and that I'd be here all day. Perhaps it was just a courtesy, which is fine. But seven or eight times? Come on.

* When he did come in it was around 3:30 PM. He used the key, and was so quiet that I had no idea he was there until my power was turned off. Yes, I figured that was part of the whole process, but why no warning? He knew I was home, I told him I was going to be home all day. I was in my room, and my door was wide open. The annoying part was that I was on the computer. Had he given me even a few minutes of warning, I could have shut my, and my roommate's, computer off.

* The power was still off when he left. I had to turn it back on myself. Probably not that huge of a deal, but it would have been nice to have it turned back on. I thought that was part of the deal? Maybe not.

* The absolute worst part: Yesterday, I realized that the thermostat in the kitchen was set past the 90 degree marker. The thing is that all of this stuff happened on April 30th. The electrician did not inform me he was going to be messing with the heat (which is electricity-based), and he did not turn it back down. And I know he was the one who did it, because neither my roommate nor myself have had the heat on since March, due to it being warm in these parts.

I feel stupid for it taking so long to notice (almost 48 hours!), but it had been very humid and warm, thunderstorm weather. And our kitchen has always been a good ten degrees or so warmer than the rest of the house. Our electricity bill was insane in the membrane during winter, which is why once it got past 30 degrees, we started turning it off and keeping it off. If he had warned me, I could have turned it off the second he left, or at least reminded him not to leave it on.

Maybe he was just forgetful, but damn.

Next time, I'm going to baby-sit this guy (he's the only electrician the company employs, if I recall). He clearly can't be trusted to turn stuff on/off when he messes with it.

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