I need your discipline (neaira) wrote in bad_service,
I need your discipline

Does not compute!

I woke up with a nasty chest cold on Monday. It got progressively worse throughout the week despite my attempts to get rid of it at home without antibiotics, and I made an appointment to see my doctor yesterday. My appointment was at 10:30. I arrived on time. I sat in the waiting room for over an hour. People that had come in after me waited for probably five minutes before being called back.

When I was finally called back, not only did I not get any kind of apology about my wait, I get the "weird" nurse (seriously, there's something off about her and I don't like her). I had to remind her four times that I wasn't there for my regular OB appointment. You'd think the violent coughing fits, lack of voice and all that good stuff would have tipped her off. She finally is done doing whatever she is doing and tells me the doctor will be right in.

So, I wait. And wait. And wait. For another hour. Now, by this time, I have to pee pretty badly, but I'm afraid to get up on the off chance that my doctor will come in. It's really hard to hold your bladder when you've got a fetus bouncing around on it. So, I'm just kind of sitting there, crossing my legs, trying to calm down Mr. Active in my uterus.

Doctor finally comes in, and apologizes for my wait. And then he is reading my chart and freaks out because it was never written down that I received a Rhogam shot. Luckily, I have indeed had my shot. Guess who gave it to me? Weird nurse. Thank you, weird nurse, for neglecting to do your duties and update my chart after the fact. Anyway, my whole appointment with him lasted about five minutes.

I waited two hours for a five minute appointment. Awesome.
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