Nyxalinth (nyxalinth) wrote in bad_service,

Temp agencies can give bad service, too

Back in February, an agency called me about a customer service job. The pay was crappy, but I wasn't going to pick, since iot was a casual environment, not stressful, and the hours were good, things I was having trouble finding.

It took them two days to get a start date and time out of the client. After several rounds of it being changed and pushed back, I finally got a straight answer out of them about the date and time.

So far, so good. I about have a little trouble finding the place, so I call the agency to let them know I'm running late and why. Here's what I'm told:

"Well, we don't know where you got the idea that the start date was today, we called everyone to tell them that the date had been pushed back yet again by the employer."

Well, guess who didn't get this call? If you guess Nyxalinth, you would be correct.

I tell them "Well, I get the idea from being told to call Thursday to find out, and after repeated runnings in circles from your admin and receptionist they tell me they called the employer and were finally told BY THE EMPLOYER that the start date would be 8 am on Monday."

"Well, we have no knoweldge of that, and we don't know why you didn't get the message, but we apologise. The employer is still pushing back the start date, though, do you still want the job?"

Well, by now, I'm pretty pissed off. I have thoughts of things I would love to say, but in the interest of not burning my bridges, I say, Well, if the employer is having this much trouble deciding a start date, they might just up and decide to lay us all off suddenly. I don't have a good feeling about this, and plus, a 90 minute bus ride with a more than a mile walk is just too much for only 9.00 an hours. Let's try to find me something closer, and I appreciate the apology."

It wasn't the distance, really. I need work, and I would walk ten miles for a job if I had to. It was their lack of organization and communication along with the feeling of "Oh shit, it's her again, let's make something up so she'll quit calling!" from the receptionist and the admin on Thursday.

So anyone in the Denver metro area reading this, avoid the Aurora office of Office team like the plague.

ETA: Changes and delays, they happen, sure. It's the nature of the temp agency beast. I mostly didn't appreciate being told by the receptionist and the admin a start date that wasn't real (possibly), and also, I didn't like not being called about it. There was never at any point a message on my machine about it, not even days later.
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