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KanPai of Tokyo, Chattanooga TN

My daughter is about to graduate High School. She won a class award at the awards banquet last night, so I decided to treat her to one of her favorite places to eat, KanPai of Tokyo. We have been there quite freqently, but I never eat there. I do not like Oriental food, so I usually just have a drink and dessert while there.

Our KanPai closes at 2pm after lunch and reopens at 5pm. We got there a few minutes after five, and the restaurant was still empty. This is important. There are probably more than a dozen Hibachi grills/tables in this place.

We go up to the host desk. A man who appears to be a manager is there. He asks how many, I say, "Two please, but I won't be having anything from the Hibachi."

His response? "Oh, I am sorry, we cannot allow non-eating customers to sit at the tables."

My eyes went O.o

My response, out of shock, was a very curt, "Since when? We eat here at least once a month. I plan on eating, just not off of the Hibachi. A drink and a dessert."

Again, very flatly, he says, "Sorry. You cannot sit at the Hibachi table if you're not eating there."

My daughter still wished to eat there. I was mortified, but I did not want to completely ruin her night, so I gave her my bank card and let her go sit down. I sat in the parking lot and waited while she ate, alone.

Just now I wrote a very long comment in the "comment" section on their website. If I don't receive a response in a couple of days, I will be calling the local store to find out if there is a corporate contact phone number. Something I should have thought to have asked for tonight, but I wanted to do so when I was more calm and cool. I did not want to be the 'sucky' customer that so many write about.

But KanPai will be hard-pressed to get another penny from me or my family.


I did not pitch a fit and sit in the car. I offered to let my daughter eat at her favorite place, or asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else. She wanted to eat there, so I let her. I could have been a horrible mother and said, "Tough luck, they suck, lets go" but I didn't.
And yes, maybe I could have ordered a meal and just not touched it. But I do not like to waste food. Even if we had taken it home, most likely it would have been tossed. And the cheapest thing there from the Hibachi would have been about 10 or 12 dollars.


Yes, I know I've been put on stupid_free. I won't flounce or cry or any of the sort. I accept it. Never thought it would happen, but hey, there's a first time for everything right? Besides, I see the point people are making, that I should have wasted 10 dollars of food and sat with her. But I am also glad that some people see my point as well.
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