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F*cking What, Wells Fargo?!!

Ugh... I have HAD it with Wells Fargo's policies. These jerks have cost me so much damn money!


Dear Wells Fargo:

This is just a general complaint about how you have your debits and credits on peoples accounts set up.

I made a $70.94 payment to Geico on the 25th of this month, and it was pending on Monday the 28th. I had carefully balanced my checking account (and avoided using my debit card for casual purchases) so that my balance after that payment should have been $14.

Then, on the 29th (yesterday) an automatic payment from Hilco came through. That should have overdrawn me by $86, and caused one overdraft fee of $34.

However, the 70.94 payment for Gieco was no longer pending, and for some reason... you guys processed the smaller, older transaction that I had more then enough funds for AFTER the larger, newer transaction that put me -$12.

This caused the 70.94 payment to incur a NSF / overdraft fee as well when it shouldn't have. Had you processed my transactions in chronological order - or even waited until the end of the day and processed everything in order of small to large - I would only owe you one fee right now.

Not to mention that such a business practice would have saved me hundreds of dollars in past overdrafts, and it wouldn't look like I throw my debit card around like a crazed woman in your records. I've caused myself to overdraft several times, but 2/3rds of the time, it's this system.

Wells Fargo does this all the time, and it really annoys me that it seems like the system is set up to do this almost on purpose.

There was a specific time that I overdrew myself by all of $112, but had made about 14 smaller purchases before the larger one went through (one of them was for a measly $1.79!) and your bank processed the larger item first, choosing to bounce all 14-or so petty charges (many less then $5) and I ended up having to pay you nearly $500 in fees; despite the fact that had the charges been processed in the order they were made, I would have owed you only $146. ($112 + $34).

Does the bank really think the middle working class that make up most of your customers can afford that?

I don't know if other banks do this stupid stuff, but it's very poor customer service. I don't expect anything to be done about it honestly because I was told by a customer service rep a few years ago that as far as you guys were concerned, since I admit at that  1/3rd of these incidents are my fault, I have no credibility with you guys in these issues.

I just wanted to let you know how terrible this policy is, and that this and a few other things (like being told by a teller that I could not cash my paycheck because I only had $10 in my bank account and am apparently expected to keep an amount equal to my paycheck in my account at all times for credibilities sake) that have made me shake my head and sigh, and vow to go back to the credit unions as soon as I have the time and energy to contact all my bill holders with bank change information.

By the way... I typed "worst bank" into google, just looking for an example of other horrible examples and Wells Fargo came up as the first hit, followed by WaMu.

What a coincidence.


This is my angry rant, only meant to be a rant, not proof read for political correctness or to appeal to those who will simply reply "You obviously didn't read the terms of agreement" or "well, don't overdraft, dumbass".

The point of the rant is that they purposely process the bigger things first, and god forbid I deposit a check on the same day as a bill, because they'll process the bill first so they can get their precious little fee. Pretty sure that's not in the TOS. Assholes.
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