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More Dental Suckage

Ok, so I'm in a little situation than most of you. First of all I have a degenerative condition with the bone in my jaw. Basically it means that the bone is shrinking and that mean that I have teeth which are being held in by not much at all. This is something that my Dad also has and so I saw all the bullshit he went through with it.

Anyway I have been to dentists and periodontists and have spent thousands of dollars for painful gum surgeries, which do nothing except make the periodontist alot of money and put off the inevitable.

I decide that after years of this, I've had enough. I want all of my teeth out and want some implants with appliances (dentures). So I go to my dentist and the hygienist, a eastern european/russian, starts telling me how bad my teeth are. I ALREADY KNOW THAT! 

I say that I want my teeth pulled and then tell her what I want to do. She looks at me like I've flipped out, then storms out of the office to get the dentist. He comes in and listens to what I'd like to do, then tells me off-handedly that it cost about $12,000.

I leave.

I made contact with the University of Maryland Dental School and was told that I could do everything that I wanted done for $3,100, I have been totally pleased with the level of care at the school, and am on the final portion of the process. I'll have my final surgery within a week or so and it'll be finished.

*Smiling with a Brad Pitt smile*
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