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Gentle Dental...

The previous post reminded me of this:

I have been having tooth pains, so I figured it's time I go to as dentist. I can not afford to go to my regular dentist, as my grandpa's evil wife decided they didn't want to pay for my dental care anymore(my grandpa had been before he married her).

SO, I call up Gentle Dental. The receptionist schedules me for a check-up and says she scheduled me for a cleaning. OK.

I go in for my appointment, and they give me a form to fill out. One question asks why I'm here, any problems, etc. I say I'm here for a cleaning and check-up and have been having tooth pains and have been grinding my teeth at night. Another questions asks what is important to me and has examples such as white teeth, financial I said financial considerations, cause, well, I'm poor.

They call me back, and take a bunch of x-rays. They ask how long it's been since I have been to the dentist, and I tell them, "a while...probably like, 4 or 5 years..." the Dental assistant says "Oh well, that's not too bad, we get people who haven't been for over 10 years!"

So anyway, I didn't get my cleaning. I got a check up, and the teeth grinding thing was never addressed. They told me I need 3 root canals, and a bunch of other work totaling over $8000(not including crowns for the root canals, wtf?) The dentist was rude. She was nice enough when actually doing the check up(apologizing when she hurt me jabbing my gums with the metal pick of doom) but when she actually talked to me about everything, she gave me the standard brushing lesson and floss lecture, fine. But she talked to me like a child, and as if I never take care of my teeth. Now, I take care of my teeth. I brush twice a day, use floss picks(the dentist didn't know what I was talking about) which are plastic things with a pick on one end, and a string of floss on the other. And I mouthwash every night before bed. I...just...have...crappy...teeth. Most Oregonians do because, well, we don't have fluoridated water. I have had 4 root canals, and a ton of fillings, and even with increased efforts(more use of the floss picks), nothing helps. And this dentist acts all high and mighty.
When they gave me the estimates of all the work, I broke down in tears. I had gotten approved for their "interest free" financing, but only up to $1000, and you have to spend at least $300 for it to be interest free, but have to pay it off in some ungodly amount of time. So I had to pay for this visit with my credit card.
I think I am going to get a second opinion because I DOUBT I need THAT much work. and I am sure I can find one that's cheaper, and nicer. I mean come on, even if I c=have crappy teeth, thats why you make money! Why get all bitchy?
EDITED TO ADD: They also didn't give me anything for the pain. wtf? I have to take 4 ibuprofens to make this shit tolerable. Luckily, it's not constant.

ugh...sorry that was so long.
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