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feeling the craving for honey mustard today, I decided to go to the local Subway for a sub, located in a market square thing here. i've NEVER had a problem with subway, ever. I go to this one about 2-3 times a month, and have done so since it opened about 7 months ago.

I go to the counter, and Subway employee Ashley was talking to a lady, who was question the salad size. Ashley let the lady take a salad container to her friend, who was seated on the far side of the food court.

I then step up, and wait for Ashley to help me, but instead she stood there and picked at her nails. About 2 minutes later she says "i'll help you after i finish with that lady". To me, she should have helped me while waiting for the other lady to come back, but whatever..

Lady gets helped, i step up. I ordered a footlong savory turkey breast on herb and cheese (or something similar, never tried that bread before). Somehow in the process os Ashley getting the bread out, she decided i wanted seafood instead and started putting seafood on.

I corrected her, said "excuse me? i asked for turkey". She did the huge exaggerated sigh thing, and said "ok". grabbed new bread, put cheese on without me asking what kind i wanted, and put the turkey on. She did make the sandwich exactly as i wanted, thankfully, and we got to the end so i could pay. I asked for the combo, and as i was putting in my pin number and stuff, i asked what type of chips they have. Ashley replied with "look at the page in front of you"

o_O Page? with what? there's a plain steel counter. I said "hmm? there's no page, i'd like salt and vinegar chips". Ok, got my drink cup, she turns to help the poor other guy waiting.

"Ashley, could i have my chips please?" she sighed, looked for the chips, "oh, they must be in the back, you'll have to have cookies". i'm thinking...ok..the chips are in the back, only one person is waiting, GO FETCH THEM. but i said "no, i'd rather not have cookies, I'll need my money back." Ashley seriously then said "But i've already run it through, it's a huge hassle".

"well, you should have been prepared then, right? i'll take the cookies, and a comment card, plus your managers name"

got the 2nd two things, and she hands me the little paper baggie with one cookie, peanut butter, when i asked for chocolate chip. "chocolate chip is what i asked for, and do you not normally get TWO?

she corrected the problem without a word and turned away.

now, i'm a pretty calm person, I never swore at her, never raised my voice, i just asked for the stuff to be fixed in a nice calm, almost cheerful voice. i understand it must suck to make sandwiches all day, but this was 11:30am, they only opened at 11, and she wasn't exactly busy. i just hate when something gets messed up, not my fault, yet *i* receive attitude for it :/

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