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You know how telelmarketers are calling everyone all day long every day? thats bad_service in it self.
well they call my house and my fiance's cell phone all day long. sometimes within minutes of eachother.
the latest they've been calling is around 9:30pm. last night took the cake, they called at 11:30PM...
i can't stand it anymore. im on the "do not call" list and complaints go unanswered.
every time a number calls me, i google it to find out what industry it's from. some are cleaning companies, some selling magazines, one i even found out who the president of the company is and where he is located, did a search and got a home phone number. if the calls don't stop, im going to call the president at his house at 11:30pm and see how he likes it. i wake up at 3am every morning to take my fiance to work, and im 8 months pregnant... i just want to send dog poo in the mail to his house!

if anyone else wants to be put on the "do not call" list -----> https://www.donotcall.gov/

but make sure to make complaints when a telemarketer calls you. there are probably just as many unanswered complaints as there are answered complaints.

i just don't know what else to do other than this. i can't afford a lawyer to anything, but im tired of getting atleast 20 calls a day.
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