Mosey (moshiicake) wrote in bad_service,

Bizarreness at Benefit

I usually adore shopping at Benefit in their outlet in Debenham's, Oxford St. The girls there are always friendly and having fun and joking with me.

I ran out of my stick of That Gal and needed some new concealer, and had to buy some posh shoes anyway, so I popped along after work. Picked up my shoes, no problem there except trying to find the right department (is it in Shoes, is it in Bridal, is it in Red Herring?) and I wandered down to the horrible Cosmetics area, where I am sprayed at with perfume so many times that I end up smelling like a cheap whore's boudoir.

I wandered around the little section and eventually found the face primer, which I picked up. I was then approached by a youngish woman who asked if she could help. I told her that I was after some new concealer, but I'd heard that Boi-ing is meant for dark circles, not for any spots or blemishes. She told me that no, it's great for anything, won't I take a seat? So I sit down, pop my bag on the floor, and wait.
She starts helping someone else.
After a few minutes she comes over to me and stares at me blankly. "Sorry?" she asks, obviously not realising she's asked me to stay for some reason. Hey, I was happy just to buy the stuff.
"Uhhh... what colour would be good for me?" I ask. She says 01 is my colour, and streaks white down my face. The colour mismatch is completely obvious and I get the feeling she's never done this before, but no worries. She dabs on some 02 onto my face and tells me that that looks better, and I take a look and it does, athough she hasn't really put it on very well and she's been touching/rubbing stuff into my face without washing her hands first (and I assume that's pretty bad cause I saw all the other girls working there washing their hands first). I tell her I'd please like to take one, and I was about to ask her about lip colours and eye colours but she has already thrown my purchases into a bag and started walking away. She gets about 10 paces before she asks if I wanted anything else.
I told her I'd seen a promotion for the Debenhams Beauty Club and was what I was buying applicable for that, or was I short of the minimum spend at all? She said nothing and led me through the store, picking up the lady she started helping earlier who was happily queuing at a till. She takes me to three different tills before deciding she likes the one that was right next to the Benefit counter in the first place.

Thankfully the girl operating the till was far more professional and able to answer the questions I had about the promotion, although obviously I couldn't ask her about the makeup colours I wanted as she worked for one of the perfume stands. :) But seriously, this was the most unprofessional and bizarre service I've ever recieved; surprisng, considering Debenham's markets itself as a high-quality department store.

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