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If you're closed SAY you are closed!

Background: Dusty's is a small sub shop in a gas station around the corner from my work (next closest food is about ten minutes drive further away). Dusty's closes at 2:30PM. Before they close, they make a bunch of the most typical salads and subs to put in the fridge so people who come in after 2:30 can still get a sandwich or salad (like the pre-packaged stuff you find in a 7-11 but fresher since they make it in-house daily). Simple right? When they are open they make fresh subs and salads, when they are closed you only have what's in the cold case to choose from.

Me: (a little before 2PM...they close at 2:30PM) Hi! I'd like a Chef Salad please.
LA (Lazy Ass): The salads are in the cooler.
Me: (um...OK, I'm not really anal about it being 100% fresh)
Me: (not seeing a Chef Salad): It looks like all you have in here are tuna salads.
LA: Then we're out.
Me: Oh, are you closed?
LA: No, where open.
Me: I'd like a Chef Salad.
LA: The salads are in the cooler.
Me: There aren't any Chef Salads in the cooler.
LA: Then we are out.
ME:'re closed.
LA: No, we're open.
Me: (looking at the tray of lettuce, the cold cuts, the vegetables all sitting in front of LA) Then...can you MAKE me a Chef Salad?
LA: The salads are in the cooler.
Me: (She didn't just say that, did she?) ARE closed?
LA: No, we're open.
Me: (I need to get off this ride) Ooooo-Kaaaaay then. Tell you what. I'm going to go someplace that is both OPEN and actually making food.

Don't think I'll be going back to Dusty's regardless of how convenient it is!

EDIT: Dusty's and the sub shop are one entity. You pay for subs, whether made fresh or out of the cooler at the gas station register. When the sub part closes the gas station stays open but there is no one in back to make fresh subs and all the fresh food is put away. I have gone in there right at 2:30PM and had them make a fresh salad (although if this had happened at or just before 2:30 and they had already put away the meat and veggies I certainly wouldn't have been pissed that they didn't want to get everything dirty again).

I'm sorry if I was not clear. This woman had everything she needed to make a salad out and at her fingertips. She had decided she was through working for the day but had to physically stay until 2:30PM before she could clock out. Since they were out of all salads in the cooler except tuna and they put about four of each in the cooler before they close she should have been spending the last thirty minutes of her shift MAKING salads for the cooler, not telling customers, "If it's not in the cooler then we are out". Based on the empty state of the cooler my guess is she decided to stop working about an hour before I got there (about 1-1/2 hours before they "close").
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