webrunner (webrunner) wrote in bad_service,

FIDO, Rogers, and constructing English sentences

My story is an odd one...

I had a Rogers cell-phone, and they called me up and said, if you add another phone, we'll give you the second phone for free, and you wont have to pay any more.

I accepted, and then they charged me for the phone. After 4 months or so of bickering I managed to get them to give me what they promised.

But, I realized a few months later that I was being overcharged monthly as well.

It being too late (I thought) to do anything about it, I just let it slide, and looked for a way to get out of it.

Eventually I tried calling Fido. I asked them if I could go from two at rogers to one at fido without incurring any fees from Rogers, and they said yes. However, they only transferred one number, and I'm still getting charged for my second like at Rogers.

So I call up fido and ask what was going on, and explained it, and then they put me on the call-back list for a supervisor in "48 to 72 hours". Over the next two weeks I kept calling them back only to have more "urgents" put on my account. I eventually managed to catch a time when they were in and they transferred me (which made me wonder why they didn't call me)

I spent 2 hours on the phone with this supervisor, and he was entirely hostile. He told me that when I asked, specifically about 2 numbers, and one getting canceled and everything, when I got the qualifier-less "yes", that the person was only talking about the one line, so my "claim" regarding the Canadian consumer protection act "does not hold". Apparently the actual meanings of the words being said doesn't matter because "Fido representatives can't comment on other companies" (namely, the rogers account) and it's "duty as a consumer" to know that.. Never mind that I was talking about transferring, and there was nothing separating the two numbers at the time. Never mind that I asked about my "account" and not my "line". Never mind any of that- apparently it's physically impossible for a fido representative to say something that's not true, so anything they say that's apparently not true actually means something entirely different that is true. Saying otherwise, the guy basically laughed in my face. I have his name and account number, but I'm not sure what good it will do.

I'm planning on going to various outlets with this, such as here, Consumerist, and maybe even talking to a lawyer, but I'm not sure what to do next. I want to get out of this company but I can't do it without incurring early termination fees, and FIDO apparently lives in an alternate universe where "Yes, that is all true" means "Yes, one of those things is true and I cannot comment on the rest of it". I feel like bashing my head against the wall.

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