rowancrisp (rowancrisp) wrote in bad_service,

Hoo boy...

Dear Indiana pottery shop clerk,

You were fine with me. You even gave me a chance to go grab another item that was on sale.

The suck was not for me. Oh no.

The suck occurred when you told the black woman behind me that you were closed to go to lunch - only to serve a white woman two minutes later.

Oh, and the attitude when you were confronted? "If you don't like it, go back to Gary!" is not customer service.

Yes, I did speak to your manager. Yes, we did tell him what happened. All the death glares in the world will not scratch my leathery hide, nor make my flinty heart cower.

And no, I hope that you are not there next time I go to pick up another serving dish to replace the one I will inevitably break.
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