creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Subway grossness

There is a Subway a couple blocks from here so I zipped out and grabbed my club sub and diet pepsi for breakfast. I put it in the fridge here at work and I'll eat it at home while watching Survivor.

Normally I would stop at the Subway close to home but the new guy working there grosses me the f*ck out! Last week he had a cold so he kept sniffling and would wipe snot on his arm/wrist while making the subs. F*cking gross man! He also has a habit of touching the cash register and going back to making subs. WTF? I noticed him doing that a couple weeks ago while waiting on a young woman. She quickly asked him to change his gloves before touching her sub again. Good for her! He did the same thing to me yesterday, he cashed out the previous customer and came to ask what I wanted while getting the paper wrap ready. I said "First I would like you to change your gloves and then I would like a club on whole wheat please." He nodded and did as I asked. I shouldn't have to ask them to change their gloves. Then he started sniffling snot again. I lost my appetite and put the sub in the fridge when I got home. o.O

They are so short staffed that I doubt they would do anything if a person complained. I think the guy is missing a few cards from the deck.
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