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It was just frustrating...

I went to this one store about 2 years ago. It wasn't too bad... They did let me leave without adjusting the frames one bit, but when I came back to fix that I had this wonderful guy who got them into the right position in no time flat.
So I was happy. And I decided to go back.

I had some birthday money this year, and I thought I'd get some new glasses. I had just had an eye exam in 10/03, and the exam is good for a year. This comes into play later in the story.
(BTW, I went back in late 09/03 to get some contacts before my eye prescription expired, and they pushed me into a new exam. I let it slide since, yes, my prescription was pretty close to expiring. But still. I wish I hadn't let them push me into it.)

Ok. So here it is 06/04 and I want new frames. And I do have a current prescription from 10/03.

There was a really cool lady there, I did like her. She helped the best she could. Then the assistant manager started getting into things. Ugh.
He was pushy.
Finally I decided to just get one pair of glasses, with polycarbonate lenses because my prescription is so thick.

I come back the next day, and they lenses are really weird. Mr. Assistant Manager (Mr. Ass. Man.) was helping me, and being pushy again. C'mon, dude. This is my VISION we're talking about here.
I kept saying "I'm sorry, but there's just something wrong here... I feel like my eyes are being pulled..." etc.
And he's all: "Hm. That's odd."

Yeah, Mr. Ass. Man. it is quite odd, huh? Considering you have a stupid poster behind you of this dumb 15 point inspection you do to make sure the glasses fit the customer comfortably.

Then he starts saying: "Well, maybe you're just not used to poly-carb lenses."
I pointed at my current glasses and said "Aren't these poly-carbs?"
(the answer is YES they are, and I also got them from HIS business about 2 years ago.)

Anyways, I have to go back the day after that... because he said "Well, go home and see if your eyes adjust." So I'm back the next day, after trying to make the glasses work all evening long.
This time he's a little more helpful and says maybe the lenses are defective.
Now they are a one hour service, and they have my lenses in stock, yet he still tells me they won't be ready for 2 more days. Yeeeahhh.

So I wait my two days. Something I feel he did because he felt I was just being difficult. I shouldn't really assume that, but that IS the vibe I got. During this whole incident I was NOTHING but nice and courteous to them.
I never, ever had an attitude. But this guy did, and he foisted it upon me.

Two days later. The new lenses are better but still not right. It is now a busy Friday evening. (well, if they could have finished my glasses sooner, I wouldn't have had to come in at a time like that.)
Mr. Ass. Man. is hurried and rushed. So he's really anxious to get my "troublesome" butt out now.
So I just lie and say they're okay, and walk out.

Now we're finally getting to what I call the bad service.
I go back the next day because they were NOT fine, and this really needs to be fixed.
He's there again. (I was really hoping to come in and NOT see HIM there, but alas. It's not to be. I must deal with only him.)

He pulls this same line: "Maybe you're not used to poly-carbs."
I again point out "I'm wearing poly-carbs that I've bought here almost 2 years ago."

He says: "Well, we'll have to have your eyes re-checked. And since it was so long ago, I'm going to have to charge you for it. If it were only a month ago, I wouldn't but..."

This really angers me. Prescriptions are good for 1 year. AND I had my recent eye exam done at his business. I just finally asked for my money back. But alas, no new glasses, and I really am starting to need a new pair.

Anyways. So I just wanted to vent that frustration out.
And also, now I don't know where to go for my eyes.
This place was Dr's VisionWorks.
The vision insurance I'm offered through work I declined because it's terrible. So I have to find some compromise here. A good reputable business, but not too pricey. :(
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