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Blockbuster Update..

Update on this entry.

Thank you all for your good advice. I called the GM the next day and she looked for my movies. The night before the cashier there had said he found BOTH of my movies on the shelf, well the GM said she only found ONE. She said she would remove the fees for that one movie and encouraged me to look at home for the other one. I was 99.9999% sure I returned all three movies so I told her they wouldn't be there, but that I would look. Before she hung up, she said if I did find the movie, I should keep it as it had auto-sold to my account and they couldn't credit me (which as you guys said was bull..). 

I wasn't really happy with this outcome either, I mean, yeah she did remove about $15 worth of fees, but now I still have to pay $10 for a movie I know I returned. So because of this I called their 1-800 number. I spoke with Macy who said she would open a case for me and have a DM in my region. So now I suppose we wait. I don't think i'll get the final charges removed. Take it as a lesson learned; don't rent from BBV.

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