cbpiz (cbpiz) wrote in bad_service,

I would love to be able to rag on one specific airline for losing my bag but seeing I flew two different ones, I get to tell you that they both suck; one just a bit more than the other.

My departure was on Delta (which up until now had been my favorite airline). I connected to NYC on my way to Geneva Switzerland. Somehow, even though there was a two hour time period between flights, my bags did not make the plane to Geneva.

When I went to the customer service department in Geneva, I was greeted by the biggest bitch I have ever seen in a customer service position. She acted like I was the biggest inconvenience of her month and how dare I bother her and not have every detail she asked handy. (I didn't know the phone number to the hotel and apparently that is grounds to be taken out back, blindfolded and executed.) When I told her I could go ask my travel companion for it, she huffed and puffed and said okay. Please realize that there was not another customer in the place. Since he was already on the other side of customs, it took me a few minutes to communicate with him. A few meaning MAYBE five. I got back with the information and she YELLED at me for making her wait since she had another customer. (Who at most was waiting five minutes and didn't seem worried about it at all).

She located my bag in NY and said I wouldn't get it until the next evening. Terrific. Ironic I was annoyed by this but that would have been great, as it was, it arrived two days and an entire new wardrobe later.

Time to head home. This time on United. Made it back to my connection in Washington DC and guess what, no bag. Yes, they managed to lose my bags going and returning home. At least the United service department apologized and offered to have it put on the very next flight and delivered to my door.

The moral of the story is if you plan to go out of the country, pack a carry on with at least a couple of days worth of closing and if you find yourself in Switzerland being helped by some french speaking shrew, learn to say "eat shit and die" in french. 
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