Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

My own bad service from Lens Crafters

It was the last week of July, off hand I can't recall the date without looking at my bank account records. Suffice it to say, I needed glasses IMMEDIATELY as my old pair broke after nearly four years of having them. I know, bad me for not seeing an eye doctor every two years however my prescription is stable. So, I once again go to the local Lens Crafters due to the fact I never had problems with any of my glasses before.

So I buy a pair of glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses. Total... a little under $550.

I had nothing but problems with the glasses since practically day 1. Starting in August I was in getting the frames tightened back up because the left ear piece came loose. Finally in December I was fed up with my glasses falling off my face (I became really good at catching them) and decided to call the manager about them. I know of their 30 day guarantee however at no time when I was in the store in August did it even occur to me to get a different pair. If I knew in August what I knew by December I would have. However, due to it being the holidays I kept putting it off until January. Finally, in mid-Jan, I called and explained the situation to the person I talked to and here is where the bad service came in.

I explained to the man the situation and told him that it was so bad that the glasses were slipping off all the time now and that adjusting them did little good as within a week (by this time it was now on a weekly basis that I had to go in to get them tightened) they were loose. He replied there was nothing he could do to exchange them other then offer me half off my next frames and lens. Wrong answer since I paid between lens and the frames over $300 for the glasses and another $200-something for the sunglasses (I remember those frames were $35, the lens is where the real expense was). I told him, "Obviously these frames are defective. I don't buy glasses often because I never had problems before this pair. I'm sick of losing my glasses while cleaning or cooking. It's a pain to catch them before they fall into something like a pot of boiling water." The asshole LAUGHED. He thought it was the funniest thing when I told him that my glasses fell into boiling water (which is why I called because that was the straw that broke the camel's back). "I don't find it funny to have my glasses fall off my face into boiling water or anything else. They are a hazard when I drive or do anything. Is your manager there?" He replied no she wasn't but she would be in the following Tuesday (it was a Saturday). I hung up on him and waited for Tuesday.

I call Tuesday only to find out she was out to lunch. I called again, she was busy with another customer. I basically played phone tag with her for the remaining part of the day. Never did get a hold of her. So I go in that Friday as was the only day I could get someone to watch my twin sons. Off I go to talk to her only to find out she had that day off. The other manager (for the lab) fixed my glasses, again, and told me to come back on Monday. FINALLY that following Monday I was able to talk to her and she said that they could exchange it but if the new frames I would pick was higher I'd have to pay the difference. No big deal.

So after several months of fighting with my previous glasses and a couple of weeks of hunting that manager down, I was able to get new glasses. She agreed on several of my complaints.

1) Due to my prescription, I should NOT have been sold a thin wire frame. Looks like (the same ass who laughed at me) only wanted his commission for selling me a high priced frame.
2) The frames were defective. Between the time I got off the phone with her and actually into the place (the next day) the left ear piece snapped off at the screw.
3) He never should have laughed and as such has been terminated (due to the fact that apparently I'm not the only one who has complaints against him).

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