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Bad Service From The Eye Exam Place

Beneath the cut because I know this will get long.

I am due for a pair of glasses. The last time I went, I went through Wal-Mart. Though the service was alright, I was disappointed it took them two months to get my contacts in.

Now for the new suckage

My husband finally got our insurance straightened up through his job. I go to their website because he needed his glasses first. I cruise the website, find out that we have a 120.00 allowance on frames, and everything over that we spend we get an additional discount.. Very sweet indeed..

So he goes to this place, they do him right so low and behold he decides wifey is gonna get new glasses cause she needs them. He sets me up an appointment for me to go in.

I go in, fill out the oddles of paperwork for a new patient and give the paperwork back. The lady at the front desk told me that I could look around at the frames and when it was my turn, someone would come and get me.

So I go snooping..

Lady comes up to me and asks if she can help me. I told her yes, I was set up for an exam and they told me I could look at frames. So off we go looking at frames. Hubby was seeing the people to have his nose peices fixed so she didn't see us walk into the exam part together. He entered the frame part before I did.

Here's where the service started to get sucky.

She starts pulling frames off the wall that I wasn't interested in getting. Not just the style but the price was too far out of our range, the one me and hubby agreed on but he was flexible, even with the insurance. I explained to her that we had an insurance allotment but out of pocket, if I liked them, wouldn't be an issue. Hubby had already stated that if I found a frame I liked, he would get it for me. The woman starts getting a small bit huffy and placed the frames she had back on the wall.

She then asked what insurance we had and I told her. I asked her if she could tell me where the frames were for our insurance company. She said that they weren't all together but our insurance would cover the biggest part in the store.

She asked what frames I was interested in and I told her that I didn't know. I told her I wanted something girly but not too girly.

She walked off and started pulling frame after frame off the wall. I wasn't interested in any that she had pulled off. I told her that style wasn't good for me. I found a style I liked and she said our insurance wouldn't cover it. She said she would look for some and let me see them when I got back out.

The exam went off without a hitch, the bad part was having my eyes dialated, which meant, I couldn't really see for crap.

Me and hubby walked back in together and she came over. She had five pairs of frames, the exact ones I had told her I didn't like. I looked through them and shook my head at hubby. He said we would look around and let her know.

So off we go, looking for what I liked. I showed him the frames I was interested in but couldn't get. He asked why and I told him that she said our insurance didn't cover them. I went over to another part of the store and was just looking when this lady comes over and tells me those frames were not covered under our insurance. I nodded and went back towards hubby.

He got the frames I liked and asked her what the deal was with them. She asked what insurance we had and he told her, then she said oh, your insurance will cover those, while smiling at him.

Not an hour before, she told me they wouldn't be covered.

I was to the point to where I was getting a headache and she sat down at the table with the frames she had. Not the frames I wanted but the five she had. I tried them on because even then I was getting very upset with how she was handling everything. Even hubby agreed they didn't look right on me. She then took this attitude with us.

I finally just told hubby that he could get me a cheap pair and I would deal with it. He asked for the information on the two pairs of frames I liked, the orginal ones which where titanium frames and another set. She gave us the information and then when hubby asked for my perscription, she got even more huffier.

We talked on the way home and he was very upset. He told me that if I wanted the titanium frames he would get them for me and that woman wasn't even rude to him the first time. I told him if nothing else we would go to another place. With my perscription, I should be able to go anywhere and have a set of glasses made.

I really want those frames but I wonder if it is worth the headache of going back in to get them.
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