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But I need both pieces...

Backstory:  I'm in the SCA and a beginning fencer.  Our fencing instructor insists that female fencers wear chest protection.  So, myself and my friend both ordered chest protectors from  The one we ordered was a two piece protector consisting of a sports bra-like cover and a plastic insert that fits inside the bra part.  On their website it was stated (in a section marked "IMPORTANT", nonetheless) that the maxiguard was "sold as a set, maxiguard cover and maxiguard insert".  And it was a good price, so we ordered it.

One week later, both my friend and myself got a package in the mail.  It contained the insert alone.  I called and was informed that nope, those are sold seperately.  I had to walk their rep through their own website and have her read aloud the part maked "IMPORTANT" to which she replied "oh...I see how you thought they were sold together".  I said "yes, because it says so in the description on your site."  She told me she would have to contact the manufacturer and get back to me.  I tried to call her back the next day, and the day after that and was told she hadn't heard anything by the person who answered the phone.  In the meantime, my friend was also calling them to find out why she got a plastic boob-shaped plate and nothing to put it in.  She was hung up on once, put on never ending hold and finally escalated.  The person she talked too told her "oh god, I'm sorrry, I'll get that other part right out to you."  Three days later, I heard from the girl I talked too.  Nope, sorry, the parts are sold seperately, the website was wrong, but they'll send me the bra part at their cost, and refund shipping for the insert.  And the website has been changed to show it the correct way (they actually took the entire thing off completely).  I'm a bit annoyed at the whole thing, partly because of the tone of the people I talked too.  They were condescending and acted as if I could not read the description of a product, while it was their website that was incorrect.  So now, I'm out more money, and I've had to miss fencing several times.  I'm waiting to see if my friend gets that bra part at no change and if she does, I'm going to throw a fit.  I guess perhaps "sold as a set" really means "sold seperately" in some form of english with which I am not familiar.
I would really not recommend ordering from  Just in case there are other items which their sales staff are not familiar.
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