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"Can you hear meow?"

Thanks for everyone's response on the last post I made to the community (men vs. women and rectifying the bad service).

I'm going to tell you about the following situation that happened in May last year. I have a beautiful nine pound cat (who is small and has no tail) that was an indoor-outdoor cat. She would come running in right at sunset when I opened the door. It was great--until the night I opened the door at sunset, called for her, and received no answer. I was standing outside smoking when I heard the jingle-jingle of her collar and the dog (then a puppy) went schizophrenically happy at the sight of her and started cornering her. She was growling a lot when I picked her up and took her inside. I dropped her onto the floor and then picked her back up after I saw her cringe. I flipped her onto her back and noticed that her rear left leg was not in the best of shapes--she had torn paw pads.

It took five people to hold her down while my husband and I cleaned up her paws and applied styptic powder to the wounds. We kept her in her carrier and let her out every so often so she could do her business of eating, peeing and pooping. However, Fomori was not eating that much food, so we thought we should take her to a veterinarian. (She was eating less than a small handful of dry food and a bite or two of her wet food.) After a week, we went to Southside Veterinary Hospital in Binghamton.

I paid $30 to hear some idiot who calls himself a veterinarian tell me that I hurt my own cat and that she would lose one of her claws on that foot. He was really rough with my cat and kept touching her still-healing paw pads. We also needed to feed her more food because we "were being too stingy." My husband and I left and started asking around about other vet clinics in the area that provide better service.

We heard about the Cat Doctor from the parents of one of my husband's friends. So, we called them up and made an appointment. When we took our kitty there, the veterinarian was absolutely wonderful. She told us that a.) Fomori (our kitty) would not lose a claw; it would stick out a little more than the rest, b.) her paw pads healed very nicely, but c.) a cat should not be panting when it's sitting still. Dr. Szcotka took some x-rays of Fomori and then told us the bad news--

--Fomori had a diaphragmatic hernia (a hernia in her diaphragm). (The cause was probably her falling out of a tree or more likely getting hit by a car.)

She gave us the number for the Owego Veterinary Clinic where we could schedule the surgery to correct the hernia. It cost us a good deal of money, but they were quick and efficient. They kept us updated on Fomori's progress while they had her and released her the day after her surgery with directions for the after-care.

The veterinarian (whose name escapes me right now) asked why we had waited so long to have her seen. We explained that we went to a HORRIBLE vet clinic and the line of bullshit that the guy fed us, also explaining that we started asking around for another vet clinic because we thought something was up with that line of bullshit and how we had to wait based on an available appointment to get our kitty seen in the first place, then we had to schedule an appointment for the surgery based on the recommendation we received at the Cat Doctor.

I'm no veterinarian. I am more than happy to give my cats the love, care and food they need. Why would I go out of my way to hurt my own cat when I'm concerned about her losing weight and not eating? DUHHHHHHHHHH.

So yeah, in short, if you live in the Southern Tier area of New York, never ever take your dog or cat to the Southside Vet Hospital. The guy there doesn't know shit, and he's really really rude.. I could have lost my kitty because of his incompetence.
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