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Blockbuster suck..

I usually don't go to the Blockbuster here in town. There's a Movie Gallery that is much closer and the prices are cheaper. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago (March 3rd, to be exact), my boyfriend and I wanted to rent a particular movie so off to Blockbuster we go. I had a fee from some previous movies so I paid that and also chose three other movies. Two days later, March 5th, I returned the movies. I simply put them in the slot. I thought I was all good and hadn't really thought about the movies when yesterday I received in the mail a bill from Blockbuster stating I owe them $24.56. I was pretty confused so I decided to call the store...

The guy that answered the phone was fine enough, I gave him my account number and he explained to me that out of the three movies I had rented, I had only returned one of them. I explained to him that I didn't and if he could please check the shelves to see if there had been some mistake, since I know mistakes happen, etc. I didn't think it would be anything difficult to deal with. 

After being on hold for what seemed like forever, but was probably around 15 minutes, the man came back and lo and behold; the movies that were missing were on the shelf! Yay! I figured they would just give me credit since it was obvious that I had returned the movies. 

Me: Great! So your going to credit my account, right? I wont have any fees?
BBG (blockbuster guy): Actually, I can't. The system wont verify when you returned the movies. I'm not allowed to remove the charges..
Me: o_0 but I returned them the day they were due.
BBG: Yeah but there's no way of me knowing that. No way of me verifying it.
Me: Of course not, they were on the shelf. I don't understand why you won't credit my account?
BBG: Let me get my manager...

Ok, so I know where this is going. I'm still confused as to why they can't credit my account since they have the movies, since I returned them on time, and since this has happened to me before and when they find the movie on the shelf their usually like "Oh oops, let me just credit you these late fee's since you returned the movie."

BBM (Blockbuster manager): Thank you for holding, blahblahblah.
Me: Hi, I was just speaking to your associate who was telling me that he can't credit my fee's even know I returned my movies on time and you guys made the mistake and put the movies on the shelf without scanning them. Is he correct?
BBM: Well miss, because they were found on the shelf, there is no way of me knowing when you returned them. The system has already charged you the cost of the movies so the most I can do is actually give them to you and you pay the fee.
Me: o_0! But I don't want the movies, I want my account credited so I don't have the fee's. I returned the movies..
BBM: I understand, blah blah, we can't verify, blah blah, your SOL.
Me: Is there a General Manager I can talk to?
BBM: He'll be in tomorrow morning, 10am.
Me: Ok, thank you. I will be speaking with him then

I don't get it. How can they not credit my account?! I returned the movies for Christ's sake! I can't wait until I can call tomorrow. I keep worrying that if I don't pay the fee's, that they'll send my account off to collections and it'll show on my credit report? Is that possible even though my sure they don't have my SS number or anything? 

Any advice on how I should deal with the situation?
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