doolkid (doolkid) wrote in bad_service,

Usually I post on the customers suck board, but I recieved bad service this past friday evening. It was 8pm and me and my friend showed up at a chili's. We were seated at 8:20. After we were seated, no one ever checked on us. We waited for a while and never saw our waiter. We finally see the waiter at the next table get their drinks. We figured that after he passed out their drinks, he would come over and check on us. Instead, he took their orders and ran off. We eventually started to see tables that were seated after we were getting their drinks and we no one hadn't said anything to us. We deliberated alerting the hosting staff, but we figured that if they were this inattentive to us to begin with, it would probably be a horrible experience from there on out. We left at 8:50 and went to another restaurant.
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