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Advice on ANNOYING service.

I hate those damn credit card booths in shopping centres, airports, malls, train stations, goddamned EVERYwhere.

Normally they are like, AMEX, diners, some credit card that supports wildlife stuff.. other ones I cannot even recall.. the not 'normal' VISA or MasterCard.

WELL ANYWAY! Upon walking through town to the train station on my way to work one day, I decided to be polite, smile to one of the guys &got lured into his speil.

HIS ULTIMATE MISTAKE [&loophole for all future encounters!] was when he asked how old i was. I think at the time, i was 22? Maybe 23? He said 'oh sorry you have to be 25 for this card.'


Every. single. time. since then, anywhere I see any of these places, they try to lure me over, I say 'sorry not old enough!' and keep walking.

Works like a charm.

[Also, try 'I'm a student.' which translates to 'sorry! i has no moneyz!']
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