Kelly (kelism) wrote in bad_service,

I've eaten at Denny's before and not had a problem, but today was something else:

We got there at about 1:05pm. It wasn't very busy and we were immediately seated and told that our waitress would be right with us. We looked at the menus and waited. And waited. And made comments about the fact that we wanted to order. And waited. Finally, the woman who sat us came over and said that our waitress was a little delayed and took our drink orders. When she brought the drinks we asked what "delayed" meant and were told that she was just putting an order in and would be right with us.

We told her that we were in somewhat of a hurry, but that it was fine. We continued to wait. The same woman came back and said well, I guess I can take your orders. She took them and put them in (with the help of another woman...who we decided must be our waitress).

We waited for the food. I'm not sure how long the food wait was, it probably wasn't bad. The only problem is, we were sitting right behind the counter and we could see when orders were up. We saw that our order was done and started trying to get any waitresses attention (as we don't know who our waitress is...because the woman who took our order said it was someone else). No such luck. We debated getting up and getting it ourselves, but the order finally caught someone else's attention (not our waitress? not the original woman who sat us) and she brought it over.

The portions were smaller than usual, and my fries were lukewarm. But, we just ate it quickly, as we had to be back home shortly and still had an hour and a half drive. No one came to check on us the entire time, even though a waitress came to check on the table right next to us within 2 minutes after they were served. We finished and we tried to get someone's attention so we could have the bill. Again, we didn't know who we were supposed to flag down because we'd been helped by two different people and had no clue who our waitress was. We debated just walking out (we could probably have been out of state before they realized that we didn't pay), but he said that was wrong - so I offered to leave a $20 and just leave.

Finally, my partner got up and went up to the cash register to ask how we could get our bill, right at the time that a third woman came over and opened up a book. The book had a STACK of cash on one side (at least 1 inch thick - mostly small bills, most likely tips), and a few receipts on the other side. She asked if we needed dessert, I said no and she left the slip on the table then stood there and fiddled with stuff in the book (the book was sat ON our table).

It came out to just over $19, so we tried to bring it to the register, but the woman intercepted us, took it and brought back change.

We just walked out - I refused to let him leave a tip. I'm thinking of writing a letter, but I don't know anyones name (or who my waitress was...).

Also: Is this a new phenomenon (or did I just miss a memo) - lately, every time we eat out, someone else brings our food (not the server). Why? It's not usually when places are it can't be that s/he just doesn't have time to bring it out...

We've even gone somewhere and they told us that they switched servers. A guy took our drink orders and brought them back. A girl took our food orders. The guy brought our food orders out. The girl checked on us and brought our bill. What the hell....?

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