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Bad service, followed by good

So about two years ago, I was in a car accident. It happened late at night (around 10:30) as I was coming home from a babysitting job. Two kids (about 18 or younger) decided to run across the crossway while I had green light. I didn't have enough time between seeing them and being where the were to stop, so I ended up hitting one of them. He hit the side of car, smacking the driver's side of the windshield and the driver side door. I stopped and pulled over to make sure that kid was alright. Ended with me in shock and calling the police and ambulance for the kid. Turns out I hit the second kid while the first ran away ('cause that is totally the type of friend you want when you get hit). I ended up have the car towed and getting a ride home from my mom. This is not the bad service.

I have my insurance under my mom's name with State Farm. My older sister also has insurance through them. Both of our names start with the same letter, K. The claims rep that I was working with did not listen to me and told me that the only way to get the car fixed was getting an adjuster to look at the car and then cut me a check with which to pay the car repair place. I was going to school and working and need my car so I told her to go ahead with it. Get a call saying check is there to be picked up. I go in my spiffy rental to get it and proceed with the repair. The check was not in my mom's name or mine, but in my sister who had nothing to do the repair. Calls the claim rep go unanswered. I end up going to my local State Farm agent who takes the check back and tells me that I can have the car towed to a different repair place who will work directly with State Farm, I will not have to be the middle man anymore. I go back to school thinking everything is well. A couple days passes and I get a phone call from the rental place asking me where my car is as they can't locate it. First thought is why do they need to know, followed quickly by the more important thought of where is my car. I call the repair place and they don't have it. in fact, it was still at the tow yard apparently waiting for the claims rep to get my authorization to move it. I tell them to move it to the repair place and am assured that it will happen sometime that day. Needless to say, it doesn't and I am forced to call back on Monday (all this happened on Friday) to re-request the towing of my car. Finally it is towed. Two more weeks pass and I really want my car back. After three weeks from the inital date of the accident, I get the call saying that my car is fixed and ready to be picked up. I make plans to get it that weekend, but they are close on the weekend. So I end up having to get it the following Monday. I am mad that it has taken almost a month get my car fixed and am still unable to get a hold of the claims rep, so my mom ends up calling the local agent and tells them all the problems that we have had. She tells my mom that due to the problems, this weekend will be compted by the insurance. Yay! It is my boyfriend's 30th b-day and end up spending the night. We wake up the next morning and are going to get breakfast (okay so it was more like lunch) when we walk out to find the whole back window of the rental car smashed. I mean, totally smashed in. I couldn't move due my shock. I call up the rental people who were super nice and end up getting another rental car for the next two days.

In short, claims rep who I could never talk to directly and problems getting the car fixed, ending with the rental car needing to be fixed countered by a super nice local agent who fixed all my problems and the nice rental car people who were able to calm me down and get me another car.
I finally got my car back about a month after the original accident only to have to repeat the process almost a year later when I got rear-ended. I am not lucky when it comes to car, but luckily my car is strong enough to handle it.
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