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Mexican Food

Last night, my fiance and I went out with a group of friends - there were seven of us altogether - for mexican food. He really likes Mexican, as do his friends, and they've made sort of an unofficial goal to try every Mexican restaurant in Perth.

He called the restaurant a few days before, and made a reservation for seven people at 7pm. He called them yesterday morning to confirm, and the woman on the other end confirmed it. Nevertheless, we turned up and they had no reservation. It didn't really matter anyway, as the restaurant was more than 3/4 empty.

Then the waitress not only couldn't pronounce the Spanish names of the dishes, btu she couldn't tell us anything about them. When we finally got our food (after almost an hour), she mixed up the dishes, giving my vegetarian friend sitting opposite me lamb chimichangas, and arguing with her once Ness suggested that the lamb chimichangas were not the cheese enchiladas she had ordered.

My dish was far too salty. I couldn't taste anything except salt, and my fiance, who'd ordered the same, was in the same situation. No one enjoyed their meal - the enchiladas were dry and stale, the chili con queso tasted like luke warm Kraft Cheese singles, and the meat was tough and rubbery.

We complained to the waitress about our food, and she brought the manager over from where he'd been sitting, entertaining the other table (who turned out to be his friends) all night. His response to our complaints was that the restaurant was "Authentic Mexican" and obviously we'd never experienced that before.

Okay, we look young (early twenties), but despite the fact we're all currently living in Perth, Western Australia, several of us have spent quite extended periods of time in North America, including, shockingly, trips to you know, ACTUAL Mexico, and have eaten "Authentic Mexican". And it doesn't taste like what we got last night.

Long story short, we didn't get anything comped. We paid the full bill, despite having eaten almost nothing, and stopped at McDonald's on our way home. I can tell you one Mexican restaurant that won't be getting our business again.
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