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Putting your foot down.

My boss and I had a conversation with a gentleman who no longers works at my job about who puts their foot down when you're not getting the service you want. The gentleman S had traded in a truck for a newer van that last I knew he's taking the company he bought it from to court over because they're refusing to honor the lemon law. S said that he got so upset that he let his wife at them to try and get a car that wouldn't need the entire engine taken out of the vehicle to be repaired two weeks after they drove it off the lot--with a warranty! :(

The general consensus seemed to be that if there was something wrong, the men would have no luck getting whatever manager it was to give in and do their job. However, having their female counterpart seemed to yield results.

I also heard the same theory out in the smoking area. I work at a call center, and we have two financial departments and an order processing department. Most of the people that work in the financial departments complain about the women who call in.

So, I'd like to pose a two-pronged question to the bad_service community.

Men, do you often feel a lot of resistance when escalating from the rep to manager level?

Ladies, are you often the one to put your foot down (raise your voice a bit, turn a desk or two over, etc.) when you're getting screwed over and have to speak with a manager?

I'll start off. I'm female, married, and often finding that my husband is asking me to go make things right because he meets a lot of resistance when things escalate because of bad service (whereas I seem to have more success in getting them to rectify the issue).
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