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Semi-Bad service?

Every time I call an customer service line, whether it be Bank of America, or a credit card company, or EVEN a store line, I have to call via an online relay. I'm deaf, and you know, those in customer service would at least figure out that hey, they might be getting a call from an relay service, right?

Nope. I'm on hold AGAIN because a customer service rep HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN after the relay person explained that there was a deaf person on line to talk to them.

You'd think large corporations would at least figure out something, eh? I know they have a phone line for the TTY users, but I don't even use a TTY. It's ancient. None of the deaf people I know use the TTY anymore. We use a video phone, or online relay services if we can't use a video phone. And I still get hung up on when I call via the video phone! Ugh.

Sorry, had to rant. Yay for 20 minute hold now.....still on hold.

P.S. - I'm new...but I've been reading the comm for a few months now. Just joined today to post this bit.
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